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Uniontown Auto Spring: A Place Out of Time

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Uniontown Auto Spring is a place out of time, from their cache of product books dating back to the twenties, to the charm in their personnel as appealing as a classic muscle car. What’s the panache particular to the people in Uniontown Auto Spring? It’s their small town business essence. There’s nothing like a small town business, because a small town business treats customers personally. Uniontown Auto Spring embodies the best of small town business with their quality technicians giving you quality service.


Uniontown Auto Technician working on a Truck

Four Generations of Family Caring for Their Customers

Uniontown Auto Spring’s kept their quality service through the years by keeping their business in the family. UAS treats you personally because it is personal. It’s personal to their seasoned employees invested in the business, like the manager, Joe Taylor. It’s personal to their owners, the four generations of Marinich: Bill Marinich, John Marinich, Michael Marinich (the current owner), and Albert Marinich.

Four Generations of Owners for Uniontown Auto SpringTreating customers personally means treating customers with respect. At Uniontown Auto Spring, when they schedule you at 7am, you start at 7am, and they work until your vehicle’s ready to get back on the road.

How do they time their appointments so well? The men at the top have worked in the shop, so they know how long a job takes. With scheduling as perfect as dry roads for driving, Uniontown Auto Spring gets you back cruising down highways and byways before you know it.

Uniontown Auto Spring  Technician Working TruckUniontown Auto Springs is old school class. The personnel are seasoned, and they are gentlemen. Ladies, you don’t carry anything, even if it’s only one or two pounds. Uniontown Auto Spring will take care of you with the charm that makes this family business the best business for fixing your big rig.


Uniontown Auto Spring Owner Bill Marinich

At Uniontown Auto Spring, you get a good job at a fair price in a timely manner. You get this service from seasoned professionals who care about their customers. Experience the best of small town business; get your rig fixed at Uniontown Auto Spring.

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