Toyota Leaf Spring Recall? Call Uniontown Auto Spring

“I want my leaf springs to break again just so I can go back.”

At Uniontown Auto Spring (UASCO), they work on more than just your big trucks. They work on the small trucks that are big in our everyday lives. Take UASCO’s recent case, remedying Steve’s Toyota Leaf Spring Recall.

Steve’s driven a truck all his life. So, he knew when his Taco, a.k.a. Toyota Tacoma, needed some love: “I knew my leaf springs were bad. When I put weight on them, they’d flatten to the helper springs. Then I heard about the Toyota Leaf Spring Recall.”

Toyota recalled 2005-11 model years of their Tacoma trucks for faulty springs. That sounded like a big headache to Steve: “Going back and forth to the dealership…I didn’t want to deal with it. I just wanted it to get fixed.”

Toyota Recall Uniontown Auto Spring

“Uniontown Auto Spring was super accommodating. They let me drop my truck off at night, stored it in their garage so it was safe, then worked on it first thing in the morning. And when they say you’re first, you’re first. They worked on it right when they opened at 7a.m. And it works better than it ever worked with Toyota’s parts.”

Uniontown Auto Spring handled Steve’s truck like they handle any job.  They gave him a good job at a fair price in a timely manner.

Toyota Leaf Spring Recall UASCO

Steve, “When they hand you the bill, you feel so good about the service. You get in your car, you feel a sense of security, a job well done. You’re happy to have been a customer. You want your leaf springs to break again just so you can go back. Doing business with them is such a joy, it’s really unbelievable. That’s why they’ve been in business for a hundred years.”

Trucks will always need maintenance. It’s hard to find a good place, but it’s even harder to find a place as good as Uniontown Auto Spring. Whether you’ve got a big truck, or a 4×4 that needs some work, Uniontown Auto Spring will give you the service you need and the treatment that makes you look forward to your next visit.